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M-208M(Fingerprint Access)

  • M-208M  Fingerprint Access



M-208 Fingerprint access controller

M-208 Fingerprint Access Control Time and Attendance Machine office environment is the popularity of fingerprint access control, using alarge number of reliable and stable imports of components, designed to strictly follow the national security product standard, the aging of the factory to undergo a rigorous test. M-208 suitable access control installation in office or in-house to install some non-essential use of imp-ort and export. M-208 is a notable feature: easy installation, stable performance, price and even lower than the IC / ID card access control system, the overall costs and greatly enhance the corporate image. Supporting TCP / IP or RS485/RS232 communications, to support the work of stand-alone or networked, stand-alone job can store up to 30,000 records. Supporting access control function (different time period

to open the door, more than open the door, Demolition machine alarm, door did not close alarm, illegally open door alarm, door open button in-put, wired doorbell interface, all the way alarm output, duress alarm, etc.) and attendance features with access control software and ground software.

Technical parameters

Fingerprint Template Capacity: 500

Record capacity: 30,000

Fingerprint Authentication: 1:1 or 1: N

Supported password

Major access control function: 50 time period, five groups, 10 kinds of combinations to open the door to support offline work.

Control of electric locks: 3A /12VDC relay output

Keyboard and Display: Integrated 80-character LCD display and numeric keypad

Power Supply: 12V DC, Standby current: 50 mA, working current: 400 mA

Authentication Speed: <= 2 seconds

Unacceptable Rate: <= 1%

Misjudgment rate: <= 0.0001%

Collector: Acquisition of control instrument

Temperature: 0 ° C - 45 ° C

The use of humidity: 20% -80%

Language selection: English Chinese Traditional Chinese

Size: 180 (L) × 82 (W) ×35 (H) mm